Honorary Secretary’s Message

Honorary Secretary Message

Theme: Making ABSI ‘Voice for Breast Surgery in India’

Aim: Develop a uniform ‘ABSI Breast Surgery Training module’

Dear Friends,

Its indeed, is an honor to be elected Honary Secterery of the Association of Breast Surgeons of India. I am grateful to my seniors in ABSI and mentors, as well as to my peers and colleagues for placing their trust in me to carry forward the task of steering this great organization.

Right from 20-30 founding members, from year 2011, we have reached nearly over 500 life members in ABSI till 2015 and I hope with your support, we will soon cross 1000 members’ mark.

We are entering a new era where Breast surgery is at an important crossroads. Finally, the discipline is gaining recognition. It is my dream that we have a robust program for all subspecialty trainees that will provide them a forum to exchange news and views, as well as to build interpersonal bonds that can lay the foundation for collaborative programs and research in the years to come, while helping to enrich their personal connections and celebrate milestones together as they grow from strength to strength.

The theme for 2015 is Theme: Making ABSI ‘Voice for Breast Surgery in India’
And “Accessing technology – Imparting skills”. We plan to introduce programmes for hands-on training to enable Breast surgeons to provide state-of-the-art care to their patients with confidence and dexterity. The first step in this direction will be Cadaver Hands-On Workshop and various skill courses to be held in training centers across India.

Develop a uniform ‘ABSI Breast Surgery Training module’ for practicing General Surgeons in an endeavor to educate General Surgeons about minimum effective treatment in Breast Healthcare. And in coming months we will start these programmes in second tier cities across all states of India and target General surgery trainees in various medical colleges across India. And we need all your support.
Best regards.

Long live ABSI!



Hon. Secretary ABSI
Chairman & HOD Surgical Oncology,
Manipal Health Enterprise
Consultant Surgical Oncologist,
Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center,
Board Member, Business Advisory Board of MHEPL
Editor-in-chief IJGO springer
Manipal hospital