Prof Diptendra K Sarkar MS DNB FRCS
President, Association of Breast Surgeons of India

“Reach high , for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep ,for every dream precedes the goal”

The Association of Breast Surgeons of India is a dream which aims to establish breast as a subspeciality in the subcontinent. It has reached a height which is touching realism. The goal has been to promote the art and science of breast diseases as an inclusive multidisciplinary concept. As one of the humble servants of this esteemed Association our challenge is to promote innovations in breast surgery and channelize the whole energy to formulate a guideline which is truly “Indian” in nature. We plan to co-partner and coordinate with all academic bodies related with breast diseases nationally and internationally towards improved patient care.

I, on behalf of all my esteemed colleagues, welcome you all to this Association and urge you to contribute academically and generate population awareness about the commonest cancer which can be curbed when detected early. I must confess at the end that “We have miles to go before we sleep”.

Long Live ABSI